Meet Michael Cole.

A regular Joe.

Born and raised in Hampton, Virginia.  Michael grew up on classic rock, a skateboard and adventure. In fact, upon graduating from high school he set off on the adventure of a lifetime and joined the United States Military. Enlisting his service and sacrifice to the Army for nearly ten years before deciding to change course and continue his education.  In doing so, Michael traveled to the great state of New York to complete his studies and made several friends along the way. Returning to Virginia in 2014 with a new handle on life and a passion to explore his longtime hobby of woodworking, a myriad of new opportunities arose.


At least that's what people tell me.

Former Soldier

And proud of it!

Shooting Star

Range coming soon!

More Than A Pretty Face.

A Good Dude Too.

Talented in lighting off industrial grade fireworks, being a mastermind in videography, and making people laugh (hard), Michael is a pretty cool cat. Always filled with ideas and the tenacity and drive to make things happen, Cole Trading Company has blossomed into more than just a custom woodworking shop.  His previous experience in the U.S. Military and his deep love for America makes for a charming flag maker.  Having designed well over twenty flags, Americana themed and tailored with Pride, he has enjoyed donating and selling these custom pieces to friends, family and local non-profit organizations.  Exploring the avenue of custom furniture was only a natural progression.

A Day in the Life

Nails per Flag
Flags Made
Happy Customers
Hot Girlfriend

Cheers to The Future

Beyond the workings of custom flags and furniture, the future of Cole Trading Company is bright. With plans to open sister company, New Kent AK, a fine military goods retailer before the end of 2016, there is much to be accomplished between now and then…

It is with great pride and adoration that we thank the veterans and service men and women of this country for our priceless blessings and for the inspiration behind our custom pieces. With every purchase or show of support, we hope to spread a little cheer and love for America; remind those of our personal freedoms and of course, demonstrate respect for the great Armed Forces of this country. May God Bless Them All.

Michael lives in New Kent, Virginia with his beautiful girlfriend, Jessica and his beloved cat, Klaus. Aside from world peace, he hopes for clean water in impoverished countries, vaccines for children and Big Macs for everyone.